Complete House Rewire in Monterey Park

Old wiring is nothing to kid around about. If you have old residential wiring inside your Monterey Park home the first things you should do is call My Monterey Park Electrician Hero. Why call us? Because we are the number one licensed electrician in Monterey, CA, and we have been here for over 30 years providing residents with a house rewire that removes old residential wiring and replaces it with new wiring. We’re honest, friendly and knowledgeable about home rewiring.

Why do we need it?

Because old wiring can be dangerous. Older electrical sockets, for example, with just two holes, is non-grounded and can increase the chance for a dangerous electrical shock. Old knob and tube wiring, aluminum wiring and cloth-wrapped Romex wiring is not meant to handle the amount of power needed for modern appliances. That means old wiring is a fire hazard and can start a fire behind the walls of your Monterey Park home.

Do you shut off the power or tear down walls?

The answer is no. We are an electrical contractor who has developed techniques to remove the residential wiring using holes in the wall instead of tearing them down. We also have to move from one room to the next instead of doing the whole house at once so we don’t have to shut off the power inside your Monterey Park home.

What’s the cost and time involved?

It all depends on the size of your Monterey Park home and the amount of residential wiring that needs to be replaced. Our house rewiring can take a few days or a few weeks. The costs involved in a house rewire job also depends on the work involved, the hours and the size of the home.

So. what’s the first step?

The first step is to call our honest, reliable, friendly electricians who will show up fast and get you a free estimate. Our free estimate will calculate the time and price. If you agree on the price, we start the work.

Call us right now for a free estimate for expert home wiring in Monterey Park, CA!